A Healthy Church

Jesus said that His people are to be the salt of the earth. And at Calvary, we seek to do everything we can to do good in the city and be the preserving agent of goodness in the world.  First and foremost, we do this by having a healthy church that lifts up Jesus and helps people follow Jesus. When people's lives are changed by Jesus, they begin to do good things for God and others.  Within the church, there are many opportunities to serve Jesus and help keep our church functioning properly.  If you are interested in volunteering within a particular area of ministry, email wes@calvary813.com.

Outside the Church

The people that make up the church should not seclude themselves and avoid the world, rather, they should be a light to the world and make a difference in the community. There are several things we do outside of the walls to be a blessing to our city. We believe that it is our responsibility to help those who are in need both spiritually and physically. In general, we do this by living missional lives, but in particular, we partner with other ministries whose focus is on specific needs. Here are some of the ministries that we support financially and physically. 

Metropolitan Ministries. For more information click here.

Shoreline Church. For more information click here.

Antigua Guatemala. For more information click here.