Loving Community, Spirit-filled Worship, Dynamic Teaching

We meet in a vintage theatre called the Friday Morning Musicale

When you visit our church you can expect to be loved and treated kindly and to leave feeling closer to God and encouraged in your relationship with him. We will not pressure you to give financially or to join our church - we have no formal membership and we do not take up an offering during service. You can wear whatever and be whoever. We will love you and accept you know matter who you are or where you've been.

Our services are approximately one hour in length. Our worship leader plays a Steinway piano and leads us into an intimate time of worship for 15 minutes. We typically have a closing song and a prayer team available for anyone who needs prayer for any reason. We teach through the Bible verse-by-verse and encourage life change and application. The message is typically between 30-40 minutes in length.  To view the latest sermon click here.

Pastor Joe’s Explanation on Bible Translations 

My personal life mission is to equip Christ Followers by inspiring them to read and understand and preach the word. The NLT is the best option for new believers to begin to read and understand the simple truths of God’s Word. I used to teach from the ESV and still study from the ESV, KJV, and NKJV but have found that those translations do not read as smoothly and do not clearly communicate God’s truth in our contemporary language the way that the NLT does. I realize that the ESV is closer to a word for word translation from the original languages and more formal for study and accuracy. I also realize that the NLT uses a thought for thought approach and is considered more functional. I have decided to publicly use the NLT so that those who come to faith in Jesus will be able to enjoy reading through a translation that flows smoothly and captures the message in simpler terms without compromising the integrity of the message. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. info@Calvary813.com